Teen Wolf AU: In which Sheriff Stilinski totally knows what’s going on under his roof and corners Derek to ask him about his relationship with Stiles.
(Also, Derek can be a badass alpha all he wants, Papa Stilinski still scares the shit out of him)


You know what I want? I want a story where the sheriff actually DOES shoot Derek.

(That’s what happens when you keep the man in the dark.)

I would actually enjoy a story where Sheriff “accidentally” keeps shooting Derek. And it obviously must be called “Three Times Is a Pattern.”

“Not again,” Stiles groaned, when he got out of the Jeep. He didn’t even sound worried or alarmed this time, just annoyed.

“I’m fine,” Derek wheezed, from where he was curled up on the ground, but Stiles stepped right over him, focus squarely on his dad; his face was screwed up in a scowl.

“It was an accident,” the sheriff said. He was leaning casually against the cruiser’s fender, arms crossed over his chest. “He ran in front of my gun.”

“That’s what you said the last time!” Stiles said, incredulous. “I’m starting to think you’re doing this on purpose.”

Starting?” Derek gritted out. One of the bullets had lodged up against a rib and it grated unpleasantly every time he took a breath.

“Stiles, you know I wouldn’t shoot him on purpose,” Stiles’ dad said, sounding calm and reasonable, placating. The voice cops used when they were trying to diffuse a tense situation. Derek was weirdly touched by that, until he went on, “Every time I discharge my service weapon I have to fill out a mountain of paperwork.” He gestured at Derek, still gasping in pain next to a puddle. “This is goddamn inconvenient, is what it is.”

“I think I need Deaton,” Derek said weakly, flopping over onto his back. His clothes felt soaked with sweat, but maybe he’d rolled in the puddle.

“Great! Now I have to take him to the vet!” Stiles yelled.

Now I have to take him to the vet!

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